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Meet the Writing Center Tutors

Meagan Barrett
Meagan Barrett

Major/Minor: English major, pursuing both a Creative Writing and Psychology minor
Strengths: Paragraph flow, sentence and structure flow, and grammar are my strengths.
About me: I am a sophomore, living on campus in Erickson hall. You may also see me around as a writing fellow. I love to read, draw, and write fiction. I hope to edit novels some day, and maybe write a few of my own! So helping people with writing is something I really love to do.

Levi Beverly

Major/minor – English (TechComm), IS minor

Strengths – Creative writing, music-related topics, argumentation
About me – Outside of my English and IS classes, I write for the Retriever Weekly and play the drums for my childhood church and my rock band, Modern Fuzz. I promise I’m not as pretentious as my profile picture makes me seem.

Junaid Bhatti
Junaid Bhatti

Major(s)/Minor: Biology/Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Strengths: Run-on Sentences, Brainstorming, working with ESL writers
About me: I was born in Karachi, Pakistan but lived the majority of my life in Baltimore, Maryland. I’m really fond of football, especially my hometown Ravens.

Erin Chambers

Major/Minor: Psychology B.S.; Minor TBD
Strengths: Outlining and Brainstorming, Citations, Organization, Word choice and grammar
About me: I’m a sophmore here at UMBC. My favorite types of writing are creative writing and poetry, and I love the brainstorming and ideas part of the writing process! Outside of work, I like to read, write, and draw, and I love to travel. I hope to go into Psychology research after getting my Master’s degree.

thomas c
Thomas Chapin
Major: Environmental Sciences, B.S.
About me: Hello! I love tutoring writing, as well as Biology 141. My favorite sessions are those that focus on brainstorming and creating outlines. In my free time, I like to read and take care of my plants.

Taylor Davis
Taylor Davis

Major(s)/Minor: Graphic Design BFA, Creative Writing Minor, Spanish Certificate
Strengths: Introductions/conclusions; organizing paragraphs; finding and incorporating citations
About me: I want to work for Pixar Studios someday. In the meantime, I spend my time fussing over pictures of puppies, drawing/sketching to keep my creativity flowing, and attempting to progress on a very work-in-progress novel.

Tiera Day

Major/Minor: English Communications and Technology/Korean

Strengths: Brainstorming, organization, introductions/conclusions
About me: I’m a UMBC cheerleader so many people think I’m really preppy and hyper. But, I’m actually a really calm and chill person.

Katherine Glitter
Katherine Giitter

Major(s)/Minor: English Literature, Secondary Education Certificate
Strengths: Brainstorming and outlining, organization and structure, & adding details and support
About Me: I also work as a research assistant for a psychology lab on campus. I enjoy puns, people’s angry reactions to puns, and dogs.

Jessica Hassell
Jessica Hassell

Major(s)/Minor: English major, Asian Studies and Public Administration and Policy minors
Strengths: Organization, formatting and helping tutees develop their ideas.
About me: I’m a senior English major planning to go into English and Higher Education. I love writing and critique so outside of class you can catch me enjoying the story telling of Dungeons and Dragons, critiquing films, and performing spoken word.

Breia Lassiter

Major(s)/Minor: English Literature, French. Minor: Legal Policy
Strengths: Organization, sentence/paragraph structure, thesis statements, and adding supporting details to arguments
About me: I am a junior; I transferred here from Delaware State University. In addition to being a writing tutor, I’m a writing fellow and desk staffer. Please feel free to ask me any questions about writing or residential things.I know a lot of random information that I will be glad to give you. In my free time, I enjoy sleeping all day and procrastinating.

Michael Raup

Major(s)/Minor: Political Science
Strengths: Analyzing arguments for validity and unity, creating thesis statements, meeting audience’s needs, writing clearly and concisely, brainstorming ideas for drafting, helping ESL students with grammar
About me: I enjoy helping writers at all phases in the writing process get more comfortable with their unique voice and confident in their abilities. While not working, I enjoy practicing martial arts and volunteering in my community.

Jasir Qiydaar

Major/Minor: Media & Communication Studies, Writing Minor
Strengths: Grammar, Paragraph Structure, Thesis Development
About me: I’m from Baltimore, and I’m really passionate about using writing to bring awareness to social issues. I think writing is extremely valuable because it allows people to express their thoughts and experiences in unique ways that resonate with others.

Alexa Thornton

Major(s)/Minor: Environmental Science with a certificate in Geographic Information Systems
Strengths: Developing ideas; outlining/brainstorming; sentence-level revisions; word choice and grammar
About me: You’ll usually catch me with some type of caffeinated beverage. When I’m not in the writing center, I’m probably making maps in the basement of Sondheim, where I basically live now; I do, however, occasionally emerge to go hiking, see a concert, or help out with a trash cleanup. I like cats, cryptids, and music with a nice touch of banjo.

Amber Turkin

Major/Minor: English Major, Secondary Education Certificate
Strengths: outlining, sentence arrangement, and word choice
About me: Grand optimist who drinks too much coffee, laughs too hard at puns, writes poetry, and really REALLY loves dogs.

Doopashika Welikala
Major/Minor: Biology B.S, Sociology B.A, and Anthropology Minor
Strengths: Comma splices, Thesis statements, Paragraph flow, Conclusion paragraphs.
About me: I love to travel. I was born in Sri Lanka, moved to India, and then moved to the United States. I hope to travel more in the upcoming years.

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Delbar Zare

Major/Minor: Psychology/French Certificate

Strengths: Outlining, thesis construction, brainstorming
About Me: My favorite types of writing are literary analyses and poetry. On campus, I am a mental health advocate, a member of SGA Division Diversity and Multicultural Affairs, and on the Student Health Advisory Committee. When I’m not at school, I run a D.C. coffeeshop on the weekends.