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Meet the Writing Center Tutors


Major/Minor: English major, pursuing both a Creative Writing and Psychology minor
Strengths: Paragraph flow, sentence and structure flow, and grammar are my strengths.
About me: I am a sophomore, living on campus in Erickson hall. You may also see me around as a writing fellow. I love to read, draw, and write fiction. I hope to edit novels some day, and maybe write a few of my own! So helping people with writing is something I really love to do.


Major(s)/Minor: Psychology and English (CommTech)
Strengths: Brainstorming, introductions, thesis statements, and topic sentences
About me: I am also a writing fellow. In my spare time, I enjoy roller skating, reading, and watching various crime shows. I also love going to watch a good football or baseball game.


Major/Minor: Psychology B.S.; Minor TBD
Strengths: Outlining and Brainstorming, Citations, Organization, Word choice and grammar
About me: I’m a sophmore here at UMBC. My favorite types of writing are creative writing and poetry, and I love the brainstorming and ideas part of the writing process! Outside of work, I like to read, write, and draw, and I love to travel. I hope to go into Psychology research after getting my Master’s degree.

Major: Global Studies BA; Applied Linguistics Minor
Strengths: Prewriting/Planning or Brainstorming, Sentence structure, Paragraph organization, Developing thesis statements, and Transitions

About me: I’m a senior and studying abroad next semester! I’m a transfer student, but I was born in Maryland. Since then, I’ve lived in ten different US cities. Unsurprisingly, I love to travel! I’m currently learning Spanish and hope to learn many more languages as well.

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Major(s)/Minor: Animation + Interactive Media
Strengths: Organization, consistency, word choice, grammar. Also prewriting and polishing!
About me: Color Enthusiast and Dog Owner. When not in the Writing Center, I’m either working at Commonvision or gaming online — I hope to even work for Blizzard Entertainment eventually! I’m a member of the Retriever Poets, an amateur powerlifter, and I adore language (English and more). My favourite color is all of them and I can’t be trusted alone with any kind of corn chips.


Major(s)/Minor: Environmental Science with a certificate in Geographic Information Systems
Strengths: Developing ideas; outlining/brainstorming; sentence-level revisions; word choice and grammar
About me: You’ll usually catch me with some type of caffeinated beverage. When I’m not in the writing center, I’m probably making maps in the basement of Sondheim, where I basically live now; I do, however, occasionally emerge to go hiking, see a concert, or help out with a trash cleanup. I like cats, cryptids, and music with a nice touch of banjo.


Major/Minor: Biological Sciences
Strengths: Organization, Providing details and support, and Grammar
About me: I am patient, a great listener, I love the color pink, and I am obsessed with manatees.


Major/Minor: Computer Science/English
Strengths: Argument and analysis, organization, developing ideas
About me: Games, anime, obsessive amounts of cheese and mangoes basically sums me up on a basic level. You can possibly find me lurking in a corner somewhere oblivious to the world ending because there’s a rabbit or a squirrel that needs to have it’s photo taken or because there’s a book that needs to be read.


Major/Minor: Financial Economics and Information Systems
Strengths: STEM papers, argumentative essays, APA/MLA citations, sentence-level revisions, and paragraph flow.
About me: I love exploring new places and have an interest in all things nautical and space! When I’m not working at the Writing Center, you may also see me setting up AV equipment and fixing computers as a Library IT Services (LITS) Assistant or leading discussions in English100 classrooms as a Writing Fellow.


Major/Minor: Psychology and Social Work, Honors Certificate
Strengths: Brainstorming, prewriting, outlines and organization, thesis statements, transitions, word choice, citations, and formatting.
About me: I’m a transfer student turned proud retriever 🙂 In between classes I’m usually rushing around for meetings in various student orgs and societies. Outside of all things scholarly, I’m known as an enthusiastic DND player, rookie mechanical bull rider, and a magician in the kitchen.


Major/Minor: Music Composition Major, Computer Science Minor
Strengths: Organization, word choice, comma placement, and clarity.
About me: As a lover of both music and writing, I am a firm believer in the power of clear and expressive communication. I play cello in the UMBC orchestra and other ensembles and premiere pieces I have written almost every semester, so check out the UMBC music calendar for concerts I’ll be in! Outside of school, I love biking, playing with cats, and seeing live music.