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Meet the Writing Center Tutors


Major/Minor: Biochemistry Major, Anthropology Minor
Strengths: Organization, coherence, technical writing
About me: I am a biochemistry major, but I recognize the importance of writing and communication as paramount in this field as in all others. I also study anthropology and am studying to go into medicine. Outside of school, I enjoy hiking and going to the beach.


Major(s)/Minor: Biological Sciences B.A. Major, Psychology & Creative Writing Double Minor
Strengths: Focusing the essay, incorporating evidence, word choice, grammar and clarity.
About me: I am a lover of the arts and gifted in it as well. I like to listen to all kinds of music, draw portraits of people, and read and write fictional stories in my free time which is why I choose to minor in Creative Writing. I am also a human biology nerd, so I love to learn new things about the human body and how different diseases can alter the normal functions of the body, hence why I am majoring in Biological Sciences, all to become an infectious disease doctor. Last but not least, I love learning about the human mind, how it works and why people act the way they do, which is why I’m minoring in Psychology.


Major(s)/Minor: English Literature
Strengths: Analysis, quote integration, organization, and pre-writing.
About me: I love all forms of expression and, as a aspiring author, I love to write and help others do so. I love to eat and play video games, but you might catch me outside enjoying nature and reading a well!


Major/Minor: English (Literature Track) & Media and Communication Studies
Strengths: Sentence structure, organization, transitions, and word choice
About me: Outside of the Writing Center, I serve as Copy Manager for The Retriever, our school’s newspaper publication. More often than not, you can spot me in Starbucks invariably sipping on my iced caffeinated beverage, and if not there, I’m probably exploring Old Ellicott City in search of charmingly eccentric cafes. I’m also an avid runner, but on my days off, enjoy yoga and meditation to relax and unwind.


Major(s)/Minor: English
Strengths: Organization, grammar, and brainstorming
About me: I love learning new things, which is one thing that I appreciate about working in the Writing Center because I have the opportunity to learn about new topics when I read or listen to what people bring to the center. Some of the things that I enjoy are reading novels, writing, playing sports, and doing art (calligraphy, crocheting, etc.).

Major: Global Studies BA; Applied Linguistics Minor
Strengths: Prewriting/Planning or Brainstorming, Sentence structure, Paragraph organization, Developing thesis statements, and Transitions

About me: I’m a senior and studying abroad next semester! I’m a transfer student, but I was born in Maryland. Since then, I’ve lived in ten different US cities. Unsurprisingly, I love to travel! I’m currently learning Spanish and hope to learn many more languages as well.


Major(s)/Minor: English Major Communications and Technology Track, Psychology Minor
Strengths: Organization, flow, clarity, focus, brainstorming, essay development
About me: I really enjoy the conversations that occur during writing center appointments and seeing the ideas develop into professional essays. I am passionate about animal conservation and environmental sustainability. I like dancing, hiking, and spending time with friends.


Major(s)/Minor: English Literature and Psychology Major, Creative Writing Minor
Strengths: Grammar, argument, clarity/cohesion, and creative writing.
About me: I’ve loved reading and writing for as long as I can remember. I think stories are one of the best ways to bring people together, and creating stories is one of my favorite things to do. I really hope to publish a book or two of my own in the future.

Justin S.

Major(s)/Minor: Computer Science
Strengths: Clarity and conciseness, analysis, organization
About me: I’ve been interested in macOS/iOS internals for as long as I can remember. Outside of the Writing Center, you’ll find me typing away at my computer, working on my debugger.


Major/Minor: English Literature Major, Secondary Education Certificate
Strengths: Brainstorming, outlining, research strategies, and clarity
About me: I am an avid lover of tea, books, and rainy-day naps, and I probably get a little too excited about any opportunity to get bubble tea with my friends. I love going on little adventures with my friends, and playing music in my free time.


Major/Minor: Chemistry and Psychology
Strengths: Outlining/organization, clarity/cohesion, word choice, grammar/proofreading
About me: I can’t live without music, and I love watching men’s basketball (NBA and college). I’m interested in practically anything related to psychology, and I’m an advocate for mental health awareness. I’m a great listener and value the inclusion of one’s personal voice to their writing. I enjoy working in the Writing Center because I can help others, who may be apprehensive of their writing abilities (like myself), create writing that they can be proud of!


Major/Minor: Global Studies and Political Science major, Arabic Language and Culture minor, Spanish Studies certificate
Strengths: Creative organization, comma usage, and clarity.
About me: As someone with a wide variety of interests, I use writing to connect my passions for world news, languages, and journalism. I am a Sondheim Public Affairs Scholar, the assistant news editor for The Retriever, and a member of the Honors College, Phi Mu, and women’s club soccer. Outside of school, I love to travel! I have been to many countries in Europe and visited Ghana with Global Brigades in March 2019.


Major/Minor: Financial Economics and Information Systems
Strengths: STEM papers, argumentative essays, APA/MLA citations, sentence-level revisions, and paragraph flow.
About me: I love exploring new places and have an interest in all things nautical and space! When I’m not working at the Writing Center, you may also see me setting up AV equipment and fixing computers as a Library IT Services (LITS) Assistant or leading discussions in English100 classrooms as a Writing Fellow.


Major/Minor: Graphic Design Major, Information Systems Minor
Strengths: Coherence, transitions, organization, word choice
About me: When I’m not in at the Writing Center, you can also find me working at commonvision as a designer. I see many similarities between graphic design and writing, in that each have a goal of effectively communicating a message. In my free time, I enjoy running, hiking, or searching for good food in Baltimore.


Major/Minor: Music Composition Major, Computer Science Minor
Strengths: Organization, word choice, comma placement, and clarity.
About me: As a lover of both music and writing, I am a firm believer in the power of clear and expressive communication. I play cello in the UMBC orchestra and other ensembles and premiere pieces I have written almost every semester, so check out the UMBC music calendar for concerts I’ll be in! Outside of school, I love biking, playing with cats, and seeing live music.


Major/Minor: Pre-Law track, double major in English and Political Science
Strengths: Organization, citations, vocabulary, and flow.
About me: I love reading and writing so much, I want to make it my career! I spend most of my free time working at one of my three jobs or playing D&D.

Olivia M.

Major/Minor: Animation B.F.A.
Strengths: Creative Writing (Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry), Literature, Screenwriting/Scriptwriting, Essays, Personal Statements
About me: I began working for the Writing Center my junior year, both in-person and online. I am articulate and patient and can explain information in different ways for your best understanding. My goal in every session is to pinpoint what’s good, what needs work, and what your next steps should be in your writing. I am very versed in the realm of fiction, being both an avid reader and sf/fantasy writer, so please bring me your creative pieces or book reports, I will love it! You can also find me on campus focusing on art and leading Swim Club.