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Writing Center

Writing Center Staff

Location: First floor of the A.O.K. Library, past the reference desk.

Hours for Fall 2018

Face-to-Face Tutoring:

Monday–Thursday: 10:00am–7:00pm

Friday: 10:00am–3:00pm

Online Tutoring:

Monday–Friday: 7:00pm–10:00pm

Saturday & Sunday: 5:00pm–10:00pm

Meet our tutors!

Our scheduling system, WCOnline, will be available for scheduling appointments during the second week of the semester.  If you are a first-time visitor, you must first register your UMBC email with the appointment website–the registration link is easy to miss, so look for a line on the My WC Online homepage that says, “First visit? Click here to register.”

The Writing Center is a tutoring space dedicated to helping UMBC students with writing in any class. The Writing Center offers one-on-one sessions that generally last between 30 minutes to an hour. We work with students at any stage of the writing process, so you don’t even need to bring a finished paper. If you’re having trouble getting started, bring us your assignment sheet and spend a few minutes talking about pre-writing strategies with any of our experienced tutors. If you have an outline, we can help you expand and improve on that, as well.

Please note that the Writing Center is not an editing service. You cannot simply drop off a paper and have a tutor mark and fix your grammatical errors. Additionally, you should plan to leave time to make adjustments to your assignment after you leave the Writing Center. Bringing a paper to the Writing Center right before it is due probably won’t leave you much time to work on any of the issues you and your tutor discuss in the session.

Check out our Writing Center Blog: The Writing Corner!

We look forward to seeing you soon!!


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