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Tutor Training Program

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  • Our tutor training program is certified by the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA).
  • The CRLA is a professional organization that conducts and supports research on the effective practices of college and university learning assistance programs.
  • Our tutor training program holds “Regular/Level 1,” “Advanced/Level 2,” and “Master/Level 3” certifications.
  • The CRLA certifications identify our program as one that has adopted standards associated with effective tutoring programs.
  • Our program is among the 650 programs to be certified nationwide.


All new tutors are required to complete training by the end of the semester hired.

The Level 1 and Level 2 tutor training programs are offered as two independent studies, EDUC 313/314 (see details below), for academic credits, in coordination with the Department of Education, for any tutor that is not a Writing Center Tutor.

For tutors who cannot enroll in the Independent Study, a shorter program is offered online. This program, however, being shorter and completely online, will not allow tutors to earn the CRLA certification.

Any exceptions to the training requirements must be approved by their immediate supervisor.


Level 1 and Level 2 Training Courses for Content-Area Tutors (Appointment Tutoring and Math and Science Tutoring Center)

In EDUC 313  students will:

  • understand the roles of the tutor and the tutee
  • learn and apply theories of active and collaborative methods to help students learn how to learn
  • study theories of successful  communication
  • incorporate effective communication skills into tutoring session
  • develop confident, flexible tutoring styles
  • learn the positive impact that tutoring has on the tutor’s learning and personal development

EDUC 314 is a continuation of EDUC 313 and is designed to provide advanced training in tutoring strategies to address more fully the variety of learner characteristics, tutoring scenarios, and the differences in tutoring a variety of content and skill areas. This course will also emphasize how to fully utilize tutoring skills and experience in the job market.

Path to Become a Tutor Mentor

Tutors who have successfully completed EDUC 313 and 314 can apply to become Tutor Mentors. At the end of the program, tutor mentors will also be awarded Level 3 CRLA certification (provided they have the required number of tutoring hours). For more information email Ira Fabri at


Writing Center Tutors

English 321 is the required Level 1 training while English 323 is the optional Level 2 training for Writing Center tutors.  English 321 is a four-credit course and completion is required before being officially hired as a Writing Center tutor.  The course includes a 25-hour internship in the Writing Center.


More About Tutor Training

In addition to the information above, the following policy and practices underscore the importance of Tutor Training:

Tutors hired in the latter part of a semester should follow the training guidelines set by their academic area coordinator.

The Level 2 and 3 programs are optional but highly recommended.

Tutor salaries are based on a graduated pay scale according to the degree of training and experience.

Pay increases are applied at the beginning of the semester after the training and tutoring requirements have been completed.