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Dana Kobrin

Dana Kobrin

Tell us a little about yourself…
Hey! My name is Dana Kobrin, I’m from Silver Spring, MD, and I’m a Psychology major and Sociology minor. I am a Resident Assistant in Pataspco Hall, I’m a tutor (obviously haha), I’m the Treasurer of Psi Chi, the psychology honor society, check us on myUMBC!), and I’m a Research Assistant in the Cardiovascular Behavioral Medicine lab with Dr. Waldstein.

How long have you been a tutor?
I became a tutor through the Psychology Peer Mentor program, so this is my 3rd semester as an appointment tutor, and my 4th in the Peer Mentor program.

How and why did you get involved in being a tutor?
Honestly, my first semester here I was struggling academically. I didn’t have the best study habits from high school, and was so excited for college I lost track of the school side. One of my professors suggested tutoring to help academically and learn study tips, and I loved it. I learned how to study, and enjoyed studying in groups and teaching people, so after my freshman year I was asked to join the LRC and happily accepted.

What is your favorite thing about being a tutor?
When a student truly learns something from class material, or learns something about their study habits and themselves. I’ve tutored students for class they are only taking for graduation requirement, as well as students needing support in their major, and every time I see a smile or excitement about the material it reminds me why I tutor.

Why should students utilize the tutoring?
I was struggling academically for my first semester or two and really needed support academically, and to learn sometimes you just have to sit down, put music on, and just study. Tutoring not only helped my GPA and major choice, it also taught me how to get my work done, procrastinate less, and that I love teaching and helping other students.

What advice would you give students about how to prepare for a tutoring session?

  1. If you cannot make your appointment, PLEASE give your tutor at least a day an advance, or in emergencies tell us ASAP. There are so many other students that could benefit from that time.
  2. Don’t go into the tutoring appointment and expect me to do your homework for you or give you the answers, I’m not google. Tell your tutor what exactly you need help in, and in most cases the tutor can tailor to exactly what kind of support you need.

When and where can someone work with you through the Learning Resources Center?
I’m a social science and foreign language tutor, so I tutor Psyc 100, 200, 210, and 285, Socy 101, and Hebrew 101 and 102. If you are presently in any of these classes I still have slots open so apply through the LRC website and I’ll help you.