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Da’Kuawn Johnson

Da’Kuawn Johnson

Tell us a little about yourself…
Hi, I am from Baltimore City and a senior studying Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and Spanish. Besides my studies, I spend the bulk of my time tutoring, doing research, and playing music.

Tell us about how you are involved on campus.
I enjoy helping people in whatever way possible. I am an undergraduate teaching assistant for BIOL 141. I am also a member of both the Meyerhoff Scholars Program and the Honors College. I help out a lot with trying to recruit students. Both programs also promotes giving back to the community. During certain parts of the semester, I will work with other scholars get involved with a community service event. My favorite community service activity that I look forward to every year is working with my fellow scholars and being a special topic judge for Prince George’s Area Science Fair for high school students. I love seeing students excited about science and trying to keep that passion alive.

How and why did you get involved in being a tutor?
I began tutoring for the Learning Resource Center (LRC) and Math my sophomore year. I have been tutoring one-on-one through high school and my freshman year. I started tutoring for the LRC because I loved math and I wanted to help more students do well in these classes like mathematics. After speaking with my MATH 151 professor, she suggested that I should apply to be a Math Lab tutor.

What is your favorite thing about being a tutor?
My favorite thing about tutoring is the amount that I learn as a tutor. A given class that I tutor is never exactly the same every semester. Some professors teach concepts differently, the classes move at different paces from semester to semester, and sometimes the professors choose to cover new topics. In addition to variations of classes, students tend to ask interesting and sometimes complex questions I never would have thought about. The exposure to these variations of classes and thoughts about the material makes me a better tutor and greatly increases my knowledge about the subject material. I think it is cool that you can teach and learn at the same time!

Why should students utilize the tutoring?
Everyone needs help at some point in their educational career. I always tell students that people who seek tutoring are smart. People who need help and do not seek help aren’t as bright as they think they are. Plus, you already PAID for the service, so take advantage of it!

What advice would you give students about how to prepare for a tutoring session?
I believe students should come prepared to work and be involved with their education. Don’t expect the tutor to lecture at them. They should expect the tutor to work WITH them through the material. The goal as a tutor is help the student realize that they can be self-sufficient learners.

When and where can someone work with you through the Learning Resources Center?
You can find me in the Math Lab on the first floor of the library behind the resources desk. I work on Mondays 9am – 11am and 5pm -6pm. I also work 9-11am Tuesday through Thursday.