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Course Repeat Policy and Petition Process

Students may not register for a course more than two times. Students are considered registered for a course if they are enrolled after the end of the schedule adjustment period. Students may submit a petition through Academic Standards and Policy Administration for a third and final attempt of a course taken at UMBC or another institution. An attempt is defined as enrollment in a course, or its equivalent at another institution, in which the student has received a grade or an official withdraw was given. This includes credit by exam or if a student withdraws from the entire semester/session. Students should consult with their academic departments for additional restrictions or policies regarding repeated courses.

Please refer to the Course Repeat Policy for details.


For purposes of a third and final attempt, students are required to secure tutoring support through a formal resource at UMBC such as the Academic Success Center, the Chemistry Tutorial Center, or the Biology Learning Center. In the event that formal tutoring support is not available at UMBC for a particular course [or] the request is to repeat the course at another institution, an alternate tutoring arrangement can be made.

To secure tutoring support and complete step three of the course repeat checklist, students must submit the below tutoring request form:

If you cannot see this form, please log into MyUMBC and open your UMBC mail.

If you have questions about whether we offer tutoring for your course, feel free to email us.