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The Tutorial Center


Located: Sherman Hall, Room 345 – LRC main office
Monday to Thursday 10am to 5pm
Friday 10am to 2pm

Courses Tutored:
We attempt to tutor all first and second level courses not serviced by other centers.

Opens: Tuesday, September 12
Closes: Last day of classes

Students can find information about tutoring in specific courses on our Tutoring page.

We are successful in scheduling about 95% of the people who enroll for tutoring within 3 days. There are times that it will take us longer, or we will not succeed, depending on our ability to find a tutor for any particular class and on availability. The more time that a student has available for tutoring, the higher likelihood that we can schedule them.

The LRC is an inclusive tutoring center and strives to hire and tutor all students. If you have any questions or concerns about LRC tutoring, please contact us

Once a tutoring appointment has been agreed upon, that session will meet weekly at the same time and place, and with the same tutor. It is in the student’s best interest to enroll for tutoring near the beginning of the semester to get the most out of the sessions.

Sessions are meant to be tutor-led study groups up to four students. Sessions will take place in Tutoring Rooms on the 3rd floor of Sherman Hall, these rooms are outfitted with a computer, board, paper, and writing utensils. Students should come prepared with books, notes, and a few questions they would like addressed.