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May 14th was the last day of Appointment Tutoring!

Our thanks to all of you who have worked with our tutors.
Best of luck to everybody on your finals!
In the summer, all tutoring will be offered in the Math and Science Tutoring Center. We will have tutors for many STEM courses, as well as some Spanish and Economics ones.
Summer Tutoring start May 28th!


If you have any questions about tutoring, contact Ira Fabri (Assistant Director of Tutoring) at

Who are LRC Tutors?

All LRC tutors are UMBC students who have taken the class(es) they support and succeeded. They have been recommended by faculty and received formal training.

All tutoring takes place in the Learning Resources Center, Sherman Hall 345. Students will check with the LRC main office, prior to the appointment, to verify the room number.

Students who go to tutoring tell us that they better understand course concepts and are able to apply new techniques they learn in tutoring later on their own. Tutoring is an appointment you make with yourself to study and practice at least once a week.  In order to make the most of your tutoring session, prepare for it by bringing concepts and problems you want your tutor to work on with you.


The LRC is an inclusive tutoring center and strives to hire and tutor all students. If you have any questions or concerns about LRC tutoring, please contact us.

Sessions are meant to be tutor-led study groups of up to four students. Sessions will take place in Tutoring Rooms on the 3rd floor of Sherman Hall. These rooms are outfitted with a computer, board, paper, and writing utensils. Students should come prepared with books, notes, and a few questions they would like addressed.