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Welcome to the Academic Success Center at UMBC!

Dr. Delana Gregg: Director, Academic Learning Resources, Assessment and Analysis

Program planning, administration, and assessment

Phone Number: 410-455-1875
Room Number: Sherman Hall, Room 341

(Vacant): Administrative Assistant II

Office Management

Phone Number:
Room Number:

Ira Fabri: Associate Director of Tutoring 

Manager for all hiring, training, supervising and scheduling for appointment tutoring and responsible for all tutoring centers

Phone Number: 410-455-3905
Room Number: Sherman Hall, Room 342

Rachel Garcia: Academic Program Specialist

Assists with scheduling and administering tutoring, front office operations and payroll 

Phone Number: 410-455-3257
Room Number: Sherman Hall, Room 347

Courtney Gurrera: Coordinator, Tutoring Services

Coordinator Math and Science Tutoring Center, Tutoring Services

Phone Number: 410-455-1285
Room Number: Library, 145

Elaine MacDougall: Writing Center Director

Coordinator for Writing Center Tutoring and the English Placement Essay Exam


Victoria Skinner: Coordinator for Academic Resources, First Year Intervention and Placement Testing 

Coordinator of First Year Intervention (FYI), Placement Testing, and Academic Resources

Phone Number: 410-455-2448
Room Number: Sherman Hall, Room 353

Deb Webb: Assistant Director of Supplemental Instruction

Manager of Supplemental Instruction (SI): implements the SI program in multiple courses, selects and trains the SI leaders, monitors the quality of the SI sessions, evaluates the program, and reports results to faculty and campus administrators

Phone Number: 410-455-2467
Room Number: Sherman Hall, Room 348