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Skill Building Courses

LRC 099 – Introductory Algebra

This course is designed for the student with little or no knowledge of algebra. Topics include properties of integers and real numbers, linear equations and inequalities, operations on monomials and simple polynomials, factoring second degree polynomials, rational expressions, properties of exponents and square roots, and graphing linear equations.
Note: Three “institutional credits” (not applicable to the degree) are awarded.
Prerequisite: A qualifying score on the Mathematics Placement Test.

Deb Webb
LRC 100 – Introduction to College Reading

This course is designed to help students acquire or improve those reading skills necessary for college level work. Students will be expanding their reading skills beyond the literal comprehension level, improving flexibility and efficiency, and effectively applying this knowledge to all other academic disciplines.

EDUC 114 (formerly LRC 105) – Academic Success for Lifelong Learning

This course will help students make the transition to college whether they are freshmen or transfer students. It will expose students to a variety of self-management and study techniques that can be applied to current and future courses. Effective strategies for classroom communication, time management, listening, note-taking, textbook reading, test preparation, and test-taking will be emphasized.

Emma Sellers
EDUC 113 (formerly LRC 101A) – Academic Success for Lifelong Learning

This course is designed as an intervention for those students who are on the path to academic dismissal. The instructors are selected based on their teaching experience and familiarity with the resources and policies of UMBC. These instructors work closely with select advisers to provide students in jeopardy or facing suspension with the life and academic skills necessary to turn their energies into success.

Delana Gregg
Various Instructors