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Reading Test Placements

There are three possible placements for the Reading Placement Test:

  • 60% or lower:   LRC 100: Introduction to College Reading

In this course, students learn strategies that shape their reading processes, monitor their emerging understanding of a text, and coordinate a variety of comprehension strategies. Students then apply these strategies to both academic and personal readings.

  • 61% to 64%:    EDUC 114: Academic Success for Lifelong Learning (formerly LRC 105)

This course focuses on utilizing strategic self-management and study techniques. Examples of self-management and study techniques include time management, active listening, active questioning, efficient note taking, and efficient test-taking strategies. By the end of the course, students will apply these strategies to both academic and personal goal setting.

  • 65% or above: No recommendation for LRC 100 or EDUC 114. These courses are open to all students, regardless of the results of the Reading Placement Test