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English Course Placements

There are three possible placements for the English Placement Test:


  • ENGL 100: ENGL 100 is the main composition course at UMBC. This course fulfills the English Composition GEP requirement.


  • ENGL 110: ENGL 110 is a composition course at UMBC. The course is designed for students who might have English as their second language, spoke multiple languages in addition to English during their childhood, or speak an international variation of English. This course is NOT an ESL course and fulfills the English Composition GEP requirement.


  • ELC 041/042 (ESL): ELC 041/042 are courses offered through the English Language Institute (ELI) at UMBC. These courses are for students who have English as a second language and would still benefit from ESL instructions. After students complete their ELI requirements, they are allowed to register for ENGL 110.