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Online Learning Resources

Taking classes online is a great opportunity to participate in self paced, independent learning. Whether you’re new to online learning or if you love online classes, we have resources that can help you be successful.

Image of Online Learning Module

Online Learning Resources Module
: a fun, interactive module to prepare you for success in online learning. You will build skills in motivation, time management, study techniques and working with faculty and fellow students.




image of Tips for Academic Success Handout


Tips for Academic Success during COVID-19: general tips for getting the most out of online learning.





Academic Success Center Serviceswhat we do and how we can help you!


How to Get Started with Online Learning: everything you need to know for learning online with UMBC.

Time Management and Online Learning: a step-by-step video to build better time management habits.

How to Study Effectively: an informative video with different study strategies.

How to Ask for Help during Online Learning: a video on how to reach out to your professors, fellow students and campus resources


Get Your Game Plan! Finals Preparation in an Online Environment (for the Spring 2020 Semester, in collaboration with CWIT)

Get Your Game Plan–slides with clickable links