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Math Placement Review

Information for AFTER taking the Math Placement test.

The Aleks Placement Test gives you a chance to review material you may need to succeed in your first Math course.  Check your placement score and the course you would like to take on the Placement Goal page to see if you qualified.

Placement Score Course
0 – 29% Can enroll in LRC 099 (prep for Math 106) or Math 104 (prep for Math 120 or Stat 121)
30% – 49% Can enroll in Math 104 (prep for Math 120 or Stat 121) or Math 106 (prep for Math 131, Math 132, Math 150, or Math 155)
50% – 60% Can enroll in Math 106 (prep for Math 131, Math 132, Math 150, or Math 155) or Math 120 or Stat 121
61% – 75% Can enroll in Math 120, Math 131, Math 132, Math 150, or Math 155 (Math 150 is prep for Math 151) or Stat 121
76% – 100% Can enroll in Math 120, Math 131, Math 132, Math 150, Math 151, Math 155, Math 215, or Stat 121
What is my placement result?

Your placement result (overall score) is a number between 0 and 100. It represents the percentage of topics ALEKS has identified you have mastered.

  • You will receive your score immediately upon completion of your Placement Assessment.
  • Your ALEKS score can be viewed by re-entering ALEKS using the same access link for which you took the Placement Assessment.
  • Your scores are automatically added to your student profile, which is accessible by you and your advisor.
If you placed into the course you wanted:

Congrats!  We still strongly suggest that you review the material recommended so you can be well prepared for your upcoming math class. Choose the Prep and Learning Module for that class so you can improve your chances for success. The placement result required is the minimum preparation for your course. Take advantage of the individualized review and learning features in ALEKS to get a better grade in your class.

Your score will appear in the system within two weeks.  You should then talk to your advisor at orientation, or at a scheduled appointment, so you can register for the correct course for your major.

If you did not place into the course you wanted:

You should review the material recommended by the Aleks program.  This is a perfect opportunity to take advantage of the Prep and Learning Modules offered within ALEKS PPL. An individualized study plan will be created based on your performance on the Initial Placement Assessment. ALEKS will identify what you know and what you are ready to learn next so you can brush up on lost knowledge.

Follow the path laid out in the program, working through each topic and doing the progress checks as they pop up.  You are required to work for 5 hours in the Prep and Learning Modules before retaking the Placement Exam.  There is also a 72 hour cool-off, to give you some time to relearn some material.  You have 6 months to challenge your placement test.  After that you will have to redo the test, and there may be a fee involved.

Once you finish the retest, again, check your score against your Placement Goals to see if you are happy with your placement.  If so, then we still suggest reviewing to better prepare yourself, otherwise, you can review again and try the test one more time.

Once you start on your math pathway, you can no longer challenge.  So once you are enrolled into a class, and past the add/drop date, you will follow that pathway as determined by your major.  The placement assessment is there to determine your starting course, so once you have started a course, then you are in agreement with the placement.

How long is my placement result valid?

Your placement result is valid for up to 12 months.

How long do I have access to the Prep and Learning Module?

You will have six months of access to your Prep and Learning module. Access to the prep course will not begin until you select start on the top of your screen. DO NOT select into the Prep and Learning Module until you are ready to start working.

Must I use the Prep and Learning Modules?

You can retake the Placement assessment up to two additional times to improve your score. (The highest score will be used for math placement). Students are required to work in the Prep and Learning Modules for a specific amount of time prior to each Placement Assessment to increase success.

  • 2nd attempt—required to complete 5 hours of work in the Prep and Learning Modules before attempting assessment.
  • 3rd attempt—required to complete 8 additional hours of work in the Prep and Learning Modules before attempting assessment.
What are the ALEKS Knowledge Checks?

While working in a Prep and Learning Module, you will periodically complete a Knowledge Check to make sure you have mastered the topics you gained in Learning Mode. If you do not show mastery during the Knowledge Check, the topics will be added back into your Learning Pie so you can review them again.

Does progress in an ALEKS Prep and Learning Module count toward placement?

No. You must complete a new Placement Assessment to change your placement result. Select the placement tab in the upper right corner of the ALEKS page to start a new Placement Assessment.

Can I change to a different Prep and Learning Module Later?

No. You may only use one Prep and Learning Module. The module recommended by ALEKS is based off of your first assessment and will be the most help in moving up one class.

If you have any questions

Please contact the LRC at 410-455-2444 or

If you have technical questions, contact Aleks through or