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Sending Alerts: Faculty and Staff

Before sending alerts, it is highly recommended that you tell your class that you will be sending out alerts and the basis for sending them (e.g. quiz grades, first exam grades, etc.)

Alerts should only be sent to students who are in danger of receiving a D or F in the course.

Finding your FYI Class Lists

Click this link to access your FYI Class List: First Year Intervention Class Lists


Sending Alerts to Students


Click the box next to the student’s name to select the student, then click “send alerts” to send the alerts for that section.

When you are done sending alerts for your section, click “complete” to lock that section.

If you would like to send alerts to students in your class that are not in the FYI group, click the box next to “Show all students in this class”

Things to Remember

  • Alerts CANNOT be undone! Make sure that you are sending alerts to the right students. In case you alerted the wrong student, please contact them and let them know it was sent erroneously.
  • You can send alerts until the end of the reporting period. Once you click “complete” for any class or “complete all” for all of your lists, you will be locked out and unable to send alerts for those sections. You will not be able to click “complete” or “complete all” until the last week of the of the alert period.
  • Alerts can be sent to any student in your class, including non FYI eligible students. Click “Show all students” to see your entire class roster.
  • If you have trouble accessing your lists, make sure your browser is updated and pop-up blockers are turned off. If you have not been cleared to access your class lists, email
  • If you need training, assistance, or have any questions, please email