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First Year Intervention: Information for Faculty and Staff

What is it?

The First Year Intervention Program (FYI) is a program designed to promote first year student success and student retention at UMBC.  The goal of the program is to identify first year students who are struggling with their courses, alert them before the final drop date, and direct them to resources which will help them succeed.

How does it work?

During the semester, instructors will be given a list of students in their first year and asked to identify students in danger of receiving a D or F in their courses. The instructor will send alerts to those students and those students will be directed to a list of resources that can help them focus and improve their grades.

Why is this important?

UMBC takes pride in helping students not only succeed academically, but also in helping students mature. By alerting first year students early and providing them with campus resources to help them improve, the FYI program encourages students to take responsibility for their academic success and to become independent successful learners.

Instructions for sending alerts can be found here.