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Talk to Someone

If you’re having issues in your academic life, one of the most helpful things you can do is reach out and talk to someone. There are many people on campus who are willing to listen and ready to help.

Professors: If you’re having issue with a course, the professor of the course is one of the main people who can help you.

Academic Advisors: List of academic advisors for all majors.

Academic Success Meetings: You can meet with a member of the LRC staff to discuss any academic problems you are having. Meetings are done online or in person.

Academic Standards and Policy Administration: Are you considering taking a course for a third time or you need to know what all of your options are? This office can help!

Ask a Librarian: If you need help with research for a paper, you can text, chat online, or make an appointment with a librarian at the AOK Library for help.

Career Center: The Career Center can help you find your real passion, discover your strengths, and show you how to leverage those strengths to be successful.

Counseling Center: Support groups and individual appointments. To make an appointment, call 410-455-2472.

Residential Life: You can always reach out to your RA if you have any issues, but if you have an issue that they can’t solve, contact your community director.

Women’s Center: The staff at The Women’s Center are always open to helping. They have many different resources for students, including resources for students dealing with sexual assault or abuse.

Still not sure who to contact? Check this list to see if you can find what you need!