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FYI Alerts


The First Year Intervention Program (FYI) is one of the many services that the Academic Success Center offers to UMBC students. The purpose of the program is twofold: to notify students in their first year at UMBC that they are in danger of receiving a D or F in a certain course and to provide them with resources to improve their grade in that course and preserve their GPA. By alerting students early in the semester, students have the ability to make the necessary changes to improve their grade and become successful in their academic careers. The FYI reporting period for Fall 2020 is Monday September 28, 2020  through Tuesday October 27, 2020. Below are some frequently asked questions about the FYI program.

I got an alert, but I’m not in my first year at UMBC

The alert program is designed to notify students in their first year at UMBC; however, instructors have the ability to send alerts to any student who is in danger of receiving a D or F in the course. If you received an alert, it means that your grade is in jeopardy and you should take action immediately.

Help! I got an alert in one of my courses! What should I do?

Your professor sent you an alert because you are in danger of receiving a D or an F in that course. The first thing you should do is to contact your professor to figure out what your exact grade is and what you can do about it. Next, visit our Action Resource Center to see if there’s any services at UMBC that can help you improve your grade.

If I’m in danger of receiving a D or an F, doesn’t that mean I could still be passing?

It is possible, but you could just barely be passing. If you are in a course that has a second level to it (such as MATH 150, or BIOL 141), you MUST receive a C or higher to move on to the next level. If you are trying to fulfill your GEP requirements with a course, you MUST have a C or higher for it to count. This is why we ask professors to let you know if you are in danger of receiving a D.

If you have any further questions about the FYI program, please email