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Not Attending Classes

It is important to attend ALL of your classes unless there is an emergency that prevents you from doing so. If there is a valid reason that you cannot attend a class, always email the instructor of the class to make the instructor aware of your absence.

If your class uses Blackboard, make sure you check Blackboard on a regular basis. In addition to posting homework, tests, and quizzes, instructors will often post important messages, assignments, and other resources on the class Blackboard page. If you’re not sure how often you should be checking Blackboard, you can use the Check My Activity tool to see if you’re in the average range for checking Blackboard for each class. If your instructor has allowed it, Check My Activity can also allow you to compare your grades to your peers and see if you’re falling behind. For more information on Check My Activity, read this article.

Remember: Instructors, TAs, and your advisor are there to help you succeed. Never be afraid to take advantage of office hours, make appointments, or ask questions.