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Non-academic Problems

Life can be complicated and crazy sometimes, and when it is, it affects everything we do. When you aren’t at your best, you can’t do your best. Depending on what is bothering you, there are many on campus resources that can help you.

Counseling Center: for individual therapy, group therapy, stress reduction, and anxiety help

Just in Case: this app can help you identify your problems and provide you with resources for getting help

Interfaith Center: a space for students from all religious and spiritual backgrounds to meet, worship, discuss, and celebrate their individual and collective faiths and belief systems

Mosaic Center: a safe and inclusive space for people of all backgrounds

Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships: for students who need help financing their education

University Health Services: for medical issues and stress reduction

UMBC Veteran Services: resources for veteran students and students who are currently serving in the military

Women’s Center: a safe space and brave space for people, regardless of gender identity