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Welcome to the LRC!

The LRC Office

The Learning Resources Center (LRC) is UMBC’s comprehensive undergraduate academic support program designed to help students reach their academic goals and become independent, lifelong learners. The LRC collaborates with students, faculty, staff, and the community to conduct programs that maximize learning success at an honors university.

The LRC is an integral part of the UMBC experience. We provide the tools for our undergraduate tutors, peer mentors, writing tutors, supplemental instruction leaders, and support staff to have the opportunity to reach their goals. We are known as a department that combines traditional, creative, and civic engagement opportunities for students as we support and encourage their independent, lifelong learning.

The LRC’s services are free of charge and open to all enrolled students.

Welcome to the Learning Resources Center (LRC) at UMBC!

Cassie Bichy

Cassie Bichy, Director

The mission of the department is to provide superior undergraduate academic support programs. The goal of these programs is for students to achieve their academic goals and become independent learners responsible for their education at UMBC. Students using academic support programs and services become successful students in class and in research activities. LRC programs include: tutoring, Supplemental Instruction, First Year Intervention, Placement Testing, success classes in math and study skills, and International Teaching Assistants Program.

Students are introduced to our services before attending the first class as we are responsible for Placement Testing in Mathematics, Writing, and Reading. Placement tests are accessed online once a student has been admitted into UMBC. Appropriate course placement is crucial for future academic success.

UMBC students now have the opportunity to use walk-in tutoring the Math Lab and The Writing Center in their new location on the first floor of the UMBC Library, behind the reference desk. Hours are posted in the centers and are available on our website.

Midway through the semester, some first year and/or transfer students may receive a First-Year Intervention Alert from myUMBC if they drop below a “C” in a class. Successful students read and respond to their Alerts and access the appropriate campus resources.

Our newest program is Supplemental Instruction. By attending peer-led group discussion sessions, students learn problem-solving skills from the Supplemental Instruction (SI) leader and each other.

We are located in the Sherman Hall, Room 345. Students and parents are encouraged to contact us for further information on our academic support programs and classes.

Sincerely yours,

Cassie L. Bichy, M.Ed., C.R.S.

LRC Director